Poetry Contest Winners!

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The winners for the Third Annual Morton Library Poetry Contest were announced Friday at the open reading.

The winners are as follows:

1st Place:  Kristiana Sanchez-Jorge



Disposition of  delicate Words

float soundless

in the air

Immersing with eloquent


Unspoken by the raw flesh

of language

It is a beauty only found

behind the lips of

Unwritten memoirs

from  voices

of the quiet

A  poets last


Is a paramount of wondrous


and the breaths of life

that are silent in the loudest


2nd Place: Jodian Rivera

 The Birds and Humans

The birds…The human’s

A bird will fly not ever thinking twice,

Living its life in peril and in fun.

It will commit to its own jocund life,

Nourishing the strong blessed wings of freedom.

A human will love forgetting one’s mind,

Living their life in pain and in ennui;

Committing to their partners, seeking signs

Of youth’s promised world that they hope to see.

A bird will compose beautiful music

That will leave many struck in profound awe.

A human will cry till their heart is sick,

Leaving their heart sick till this time next fall.

The bird will always continue to fly;

Much like the human’s continuous cries.

3rd Place:  Kora Macias


As closed lips whisper and winter snows fall

God chose me, oh to soon, to beckon my call

For in the morning you awake

And all the nights darkness the sun does take

You’ll think of me and eyes will fill with tears

Of all the burden and sorrow over the years

But my loves I ask of you not to cry as you did today

Or think of all the things we never got to say

For all you have to do is close your eyes each time you think of me

And I’ll hear all your whispers, and you’ll know, safe in God’s arms I’ll be

If I could have lived just one more day, even just awhile

I’d embrace you and say I loved you, maybe see you smile

But I know this could never be

And emptiness and memories will take the place of me

I tried not to think of the things we both would miss tomorrow

But when I did my heart had filled with sorrow

For on that fateful day, an Angel came to me and said

That my place was ready, they had laid my bed

I walked through heaven’s gate; God told me I had been faithful and true

Even though I did things I knew I shouldn’t do

He told me I was forgiven, he held my hand and asked me

To join in his life of peace, joy, and eternity

So when you wake tomorrow, and we feel so far apart

Don’t be saddened, but think of me, and know I’m in your heart


Thank you to everyone who participated!

And remember- continue to submit your poems to the Morton Literary Journal by emailing them to reference@morton.edu.

The deadline for submission is August 31.

The next edition will be available in the fall semester.


Open Poetry Reading 4/26

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Open Poetry Reading

Caroline Johnson will be reading from her new work

Poetry Contest Winners will be Awarded

on Friday, April 26 at 12:15pm.

All poets are welcome to read from their work following the award announcements.

Poetry Contest Extended!

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The deadline to submit poems to the Morton Library Annual Poetry contest has been extended to Monday, April 8.  All poems must be emailed to reference@morton.edu by midnight on Monday, April 8, 2013.

Last Chance to Enter Poetry Contest!

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All entries for the Second Annual Morton Library Poetry Contest must be submitted by Saturday, March 31 at midnight.  Email all entries to reference@morton.edu.

You must be a current student to enter the contest and each student is limited to three entries.

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