Event: Irish Books, Music & Song

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Please join us  Friday, October 12 at noon in the theater to hear Michael and Catherine Sands, of Ireland, present: How Music Reflects a Society.

 There will be time for Questions & Answers at the end of each performance. Thank you!

About the Performers:

Husband and wife and parents of Katie 10, and Tóla 3, Michael and Catherine are well known in folk and traditional music circles in Ireland.

Michael, originally from Newry, was brought up listening to the songs and stories of the world renowned Sands Family Folk Group.  However, it was not until a concert featuring a certain Steve Cooney that he got his calling to traditional music.  That night inspired him to explore the tunes and their accompaniment and there was no going back.

He is now a highly respected and busy accompanist to many musicians all over Ireland.  He also plays and teaches banjo from home in Ballyvoy, near Ballycastle, Co Antrim.  He has also written his first novel.  See www.nuthollow.com for details.

Catherine Sands (nee McLean) is one of Co Antrim’s most sought after flute/whistle players and tutors.  Playing since childhood, she has been part of a wealth of sessions and has taught a legion of pupils.  Inspired by her late father Pádraig, she is a light in the glens of Antrim for all wishing to learn about traditional Irish music.  She uses her vast experience to pass on the secrets of traditional music’s many wonderful mysteries.  In latter years she has also returned to her first instrument, the accordion and can be heard regularly in the Antrim area and beyond.

Together Catherine and Michael have played with their band Divil the bit and various line ups all over Europe, Ireland and Britain.  In 2007 they represented traditional musicians from the North of Ireland at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Washington.


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